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Protest video and photos: Say No to US Military Drone Tests in UK Skies! RAF Waddington and RAF Lossiemouth

Last summer, protesters gathered outside RAF Waddington in Lincolnshire (14th August) and outside RAF Lossiemouth in North East Scotland (18th September). They visited the airbases to oppose US company General Atomics’ experimental flights of its new SkyGuardian military drone over the UK. 

Watch videos of the protests with interviews below:

RAF Waddington

RAF Lossiemouth

Airspace regulators decided in July that the flights could go ahead. SkyGuardian flights are to be conducted from RAF Waddington from August until September and then from RAF Lossiemouth in North East Scotland, until the end of October. 

Protesters demonstrate outside the gates of RAF Waddington:

Local protesters and activists from anti-war and environmental groups made their opposition to the flights clear with slogans and placards including: ‘Fly Kites not Drones’; ‘Keep our Skies Safe’; ‘Don’t Militarise our Skies’; ‘Stop Drone Killing’; and ‘No to U.S. Drone Tests’. 

and RAF Lossiemouth…

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