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‘Above us only drones?’

Over the next few years we are likely to see many more drones, of various types and sizes, flying in the UK. This expansion will see drones being increasingly used for commerce and recreation, but also by the police and military. A national public debate is required before drones take over our skies. The Government must put safety first and protect people’s privacy from drone surveillance.

The expert panel for this event explored the different ways drones are – and could be – used in the UK, and discussed the costs, risks and benefits of our airspace being opened up so that drones can fly freely alongside other aircraft.

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Our work focuses on ensuring that the public and parliament can participate in decisions concerning expanding drone use in the UK. We campaign for the UK government’s plans to open up domestic airspace to a wider range and greater number of drones – particularly large drones – to be conducted in a democratic, transparent and accountable manner.

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