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Say No to US Military Drone Tests in UK Skies!

This summer US drone company General Atomics is bringing the latest version of its Predator drone – dubbed the ‘SkyGuardian’ – to undertake test flights over England and Scotland from RAF Waddington in Lincolnshire, and RAF Lossiemouth, north of Inverness. 

Civil society groups and journalists have documented hundreds, if not thousands, of innocent civilians who have been killed in US drone strikes around the globe. However the drone wars continue to expand, and these flights will demonstrate the new drone to European and other militaries as well as trialling new technology that will enable such drones to fly in civil airspace.

Further background: New details of US drone flights in UK this summer raise concerns over safety and corporate cronyism

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Our work focuses on ensuring that the public and parliament can participate in decisions concerning expanding drone use in the UK. We campaign for the UK government’s plans to open up domestic airspace to a wider range and greater number of drones – particularly large drones – to be conducted in a democratic, transparent and accountable manner.

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